To create a great seal, you’ll want two things: a cartridge of high-performing GE-branded sealant, like GE Advanced Silicone 2® Kitchen & Bath sealant, and a caulk gun. A caulk gun is an essential sealing tool for large sealing projects that will help you more easily create clean, professional-looking seals. With a little bit of practice, loading a sealant cartridge into a caulk gun will become second nature. Follow these four steps to set up your caulk gun and start sealing right away.

Pro Tip: For tight spaces, smaller projects, or quick repairs try using a GE Sealants squeeze tube. Just cut the nozzle tip, then squeeze out the sealant—no caulk gun required.

  1. Carefully Cut the Sealant Cartridge

    First, cut the tip of the sealant cartridge at a 45-degree angle. There are two ways to do this: either with a utility blade or, if your caulk gun has it, with the caulk gun’s tip cutting tool. For better precision, we recommend using a utility blade.Cut off less than you think you’ll need because you can always cut more.

  2. Pierce Cartridge’s Inner Foil Seal

    Your sealant cartridges may have an inner foil seal that you’ll need to pierce. Most caulk guns have an attached metal rod for this purpose. Swivel the rod around and insert it into the cartridge nozzle until you feel it puncture the inner foil. If your caulk gun doesn’t have this rod, you can use a long nail instead.

  3. Insert the Cartridge

    Once you’ve cut the tip and pierced the inner seal, you’re ready to insert the sealant cartridge into the caulk gun. First, press the release trigger on the handle and pull the plunger all the way back. Then insert the cartridge heel-first into the caulk gun. Release the plunger so that it’s seated firmly against the end of the cartridge. When the cartridge is securely loaded into the caulk gun, squeeze the trigger a few times and run a test bead of sealant. Press the release trigger to remove any pressure and stop the flow of sealant. This will help you get a feel for the pressure and speed needed to apply the sealant.

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  4. Remove the Cartridge

    Once you’re finished sealing, it’s time to unload the caulk gun. Press the release trigger again and pull back the plunger. Then simply remove the cartridge. Now you’re ready to seal like a pro with high-performing GE-branded sealants that you can always trust to get the job done right.

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