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    Choosing the right caulk or sealant can make all the difference. We’ll help you find the product for your project, every time. 

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    Tackle Sealing Projects with the #1 Silicone Brand

    Our wide selection of high-quality 100% Silicone, Paintable Silicone & Acrylic caulks and sealants are backed by more than 70 years of sealant innovation. 

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    Seal for More Energy-Savings

    Enjoy a more sustainable and energy-efficient home with the help of GE-branded 100% Silicone Window & Door sealants.

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For more than 70 years, GE Sealants has led the caulks and sealants industry with innovation. It is through that long history of expertise that today we are able to offer our wide selection of 100% silicone, hybrid and acrylic caulks and sealants for all of your home sealing projects. For sealing around windows, doors, sinks, tubs and more, we have the product you need to get the job done right. 

Window & Door

Our Window & Door 100% Silicone, Paintable Silicone and Siliconized Acrylic sealants are waterproof and durable, specifically designed for exterior sealing projects exposed to severe weather.

Kitchen & Bath

Our Kitchen & Bath 100% Silicone, Paintable Silicone and Siliconized Acrylic caulks and sealants offer mold resistant and waterproof seals to fill gaps and cracks in areas prone to mold and moisture.

Seal & Paint

Our Seal & Paint Siliconized Acrylic Latex caulks and sealants offer excellent paintability and flexibility and are ideal for indoor and outdoor paint projects and are compatible with most latex and oil-based paints.


Our specialty products include 100% Silicone sealants for gutter, metal, concrete and other exterior projects that need a long-lasting, durable seal.