When you need to refresh old, damaged kitchen and bathroom seals, don’t re-do it—just Re-New it! A specialty silicone product from America’s #1 Silicone Brand, GE Re-New makes it quick and easy to refresh 100% silicone seals, so you don’t have to completely replace and re-apply sealant. Instead, you can apply Re-New directly on top of existing silicone sealant and finish sealing up to 50% faster.1 Just follow these three simple steps to completely renew your silicone seals:

Step 1: Prep

Before you begin, make sure the seals you’re repairing are 100% silicone and suitable for Re-New. Once you’re certain that Re-New is right for your sealing project, start prepping your work area. Clean around the existing seals with a damp cloth and remove any dust, grease or moisture. If existing seals are moldy, you can use a mold cleaning solution as well. The surface should be completely dry before you continue.

Step 2: Apply

Next, apply Re-New on top of your old 100% silicone seal with our easy-to-use cartridge or squeeze tube. Both the cartridge and the squeeze tube come equipped with a self-tooling nozzle that smooths the bead of sealant as you apply it, giving you an instantly clean and professional look.

When using the cartridge, first unscrew the self-tooling nozzle and carefully cut the nub with a utility blade. Replace the nozzle and load the cartridge into a caulk gun. Position the applicator at a 90-degree angle, making sure the edges of the self-tooling nozzle have full contact with both surfaces Apply Re-New over the existing seal. If you can’t cover the entire seal in one motion, it’s okay to work in sections.

For small projects and quick touch-ups, use the GE Re-New squeeze tube. Position the tube in the same way you would the cartridge. Then simply squeeze to apply—no caulk gun required.

Step 3: Admire

All that’s left to do is sit back and admire. You can expose it to water in as little as 6 hours. But for best performance, allow a full 24-hours to cure.

Pro Tip: If you don’t love the look of your finished seal, simply wipe away Re-New with a damp cloth before it starts to cure and try again.

Now you can create beautiful 100% waterproof silicone seals in steps that are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Try GE Re-New for yourself and make your silicone like new in minutes.

Estimates of comparative U.S. sales based on analysis of available 2018 industry reports and retail sales data.

1Time savings compared to traditional sealant repair, including removal and replacement.